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General questions

1. When can I receive the confirmation email?

2. How can I find the item I want to buy?

3. How to place an order?

4. How are my purchased items shipped?

5. How to follow my order?

6. How can I change my order or cancel my order?

7. How can I return items to your company?

8. How many payment methods do you accept?

9. Why are you charging my card more than the price of your product?

10. How can I know the status or information about my order?

11. How long will I receive the refund from you?

12. Why sell so low on our site?

13. What happens itracking number and order information to the email address you have left. Be sure to leave the email address you use most frequently for your order and verify if you want to track your order.

11. Q: How long will I receive your refund?

A: We will refund the money on the card you used to place the order and since the refund is transferred to several international banks, it will take longer to receive the refund, like a few weeks. However, do not worry, we promise that you will get at least the refund.

12.Q: Why sell so little on our site?

A: First, we are the authorized retailer and we can get the lowest sale price.

Second, we only sell online, so we operate at a lower price than a retail store.

For example, we do not use any sales or modification services, which increases the cost of operation. As we do not need to bear these costs, we can transfer all the savings to our customers.

13.Q: What happens if I change my mind and want a different size or color after placing my order?

A: Yes, you can send email to contact us before sending the package 24 hours).